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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Dedication to Foxy Brown

This public service announcement goes out to all the fans of fox boogie, china doll, trini whatever, foxy brown, fox boog, or whatever she wants to call herself now...
Ladies and Gentlemen, im not even gonna lie to you...i am a HUGE foxy brown fan!! Im sure there are some of you like me out there that just love her but yet it seems like she works SO SO hard to not love us. Even if you wanted to support her as a fan, you couldnt...the chick hasnt released an album in like who knows when. Whenever I see posts or news articles about a new album by her i just roll my eyes because its never gonna happen. She is like the boy who cried wolf or in her case, the artist that cried album coming out soon! Not gonna happen...wish she could prove me wrong. She been on her naomi ish lately, having outlandish fights for no reason, all over town. Whenever i do hear about her, she is either being bailed or paying a fine from her recent court precedings. Its pretty sad if i do say so myself. Her last last album, which i proudly own, broken silence, was SO hot..she had a bunch of jams on there. Many of them people didnt even realize they came from that album (BK anthem, taste just like candy, and that one with baby sham that they always play in the club). Most people figured it was just random songs that she released with no backing to it like that hot one come fly with me...what album was that suppose to be on anyway? She just need to get her act together simple and short. She need someone that is gonna look her dead in the face and say girl..get your wet n wild self together, go to church, and release an album..u too grown for games. You cant live off the accomplishments of the past forever. What have you done for me lately? Thats the mindset of the public. And you know she could have a hot album..she got plently of shit to rap about, i mean the woman came back from deafness for goodness sakes, thats priceless material right there..come on! I mean seriously what happened to the girl on touch me tease me, the one who laid it down with dru hill in bad mama jamma, or aint no nigga..where she at?! Foxy get it together girl..your fans need you...

that ends my public service announcement...back to your regularly scheduled programming;)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Party People!!

Since im on this clubbin kick, I decided to post another blog about hittin up the bar/club scene but this time its about the folks you meet. Have you ever thought about how weird or exciting or unbelievable the people you meet at the club really are? I mean just think about it....when you go to the club or you know your going its like you transform into the club you. You cant be the regular mon. thru friday you gotta be the one that for some reason drinking excessively, hooting and hollerin like a fool, shakin ya ass like your in a premiere video, and being outgoing with complete strangers is ABSOLUTELY OK all of course while either being decked out or scantily clad. And even stranger is the fact that the min. u jump back into your mode of transportation you can just reform back to your usual self like nothing happened at was just a good time we all reason. Well some of us at least...I know we ALL know those people that think the party never ends or are in constant club mode. Thats frowned down upon but shoot the way i see it at least they keepin it funky.
ANYWHOO back to the people we meet, so we are together, transformedm packed into a building like a heard of cattle with music and liquor flowing. During these events, I personally have stumbled upon the following people, maybe you can relate:
1. odd/get a way from me-these are the individuals that you dont even wanna entertain anything they got to say to you. from their initial presence you are ready to run to the other side of the club and pray they wont find you again.
2. good enough/hell i just wanna have a good time-The ones that you give that SECOND glance to cause at first its an automatic hell no but the liquor has takin effect or your "good time club" persona is just tellin you to do dance, you talk to them, some of u extremist even take them home but the following morning its all reasoned by saying "Well i was just havin fun so f it".
3. hawks/vultures/should look into a career as a private investigator-these are the ones you JUST CANT get away from no matter how hard as you try. you shut them down, diss them to their face, laugh at them in front of all your friends but yet they are relentless. Your dancing, you see them right there in the crowd, your jamin to your favorite song, their tryin to slide in and take advantage of your semi-euphoric moment, ur at the bar, they buying water..u just cant get away! In my club experience, the best way to shut them down is blantantly run away from them..actions speak louder than words and me hauling ass just at the sight of you should say it all!
4. you tricked me/buy you a drink/i own you-they do one thing for you ONE THING (get ya jacket for you, buy you a drink at the bar, tie your shoelace), they immediately think they now own you for the rest of the evening. These are the hardest people to get away from because in their minds a simple kind gesture warrants a relationship for the rest of the evening.
5.Put on a show- we all have been these type of people at kno the ones that magically have a circle of people surrounding them as they either dance beyond freaky or have mastered the signature move better than the artist or just think that for one minute they are a star as they put on a 30 second show to the song being played. worst of all are the ones that are so outlandish with their dances that all just have to stop and stare. Dont front like you aint never had that starring role before lol.
6. criers/fighters/commotion starters-I lumped all these in one group cause we all at least know that one person that we think twic about goin out with them cause they start some shit. This category are these people! They save their drama until they up in the club and everyone havin a good time. We have also seen these people while we are booging. You know the girl you see in the corner in tears or the dude thats mad cause his foot got stepped on and now are being dragged out by security. You wonder what is wrong or are making mental notes of the nearest exit. They just annoying simple and short.
7.I wanna go home/fun ruiners-The minute you get up in there with them, they are ready to leave. Its like they sense a good time and are determined threw their bored/this is hell attitude to quench your fun fire flame too. I just avoid going out with these types or ignore them and keep dancing my soul away. Both methods are effective.
8. What are you doing here-Simply put, these are the individuals, that you and i know are damn well too young or old to be up in there period!
9. My last night on earth-These are those people that are either tourist, foreigners leaving back for whereveer tom. (which makes you wonder why come here on ur last night), or live far enough to know they not going to see you after you step out of here..they lookin for a good time and you not tryin to give it to them. They also sometimes make absolutely no sense and you give them that "is that english" face over the blasting music.
10. Good time girls/good time guys-They just wanna take you home..they will say anything and everything you wanna here to accomplish their ultimate goal. Your acceptace to their seductive motives is at your discretion.
11.The beauties/foolywags-Last but not least these are the two extreme ends of physical beauty. You got the beauties that you cant help but stare at when they walk by and be like wow, i wonder who they lay next to at night AND the hideous which you ultimately wonder the same about too.
So that about rounds it up..i hope as you read you can completely remember bumping into one of those individuals in your party travels..gotta love it..toodles ;)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Party like a Rockstar

So everyone and they mama (mainly my sister) stay always askin me what clubs are was this was that...bla bla bla so I decided to devote a entry to my clubbin adventures and all the places I have shook my ass at along the way. Plus it will just make me feel good and remind me that I did once have an exciting lets begin

In nyc:

Exit aka Club Black aka whatever else they named it before they shut that baby down-When it was exit, it was cool. I mean thats where I got my first glimpse of white kids on E and techno music mania but the roof top dance floor definately was hot.

As club Black, I had a blast, mainly cause it was my birthday and I was a lil tipsy but overall good times. I been there also when juvenile performed and even my secret baby daddy trey songz...actually i stood right next to remy martin that night and aint even realize it.

Webster hall-a great place to go when u wanna wild out with ya homies and actually get ya groove on to michael jackson and other throwback music. The crowd definately stays mixed. You got the hooligans, cool collected sexy, insync wannabees, and everything else you can think of up in there. Shoot the night I went my friend got twirled around in circles by this gi normus indian fellow. A great laugh was had by all, well mainly me, but overall thats the club to hit up when u just tryin to have a good time and act a fool.

40/40-this really isnt a club but shoot as packed as it gets in there (because its free all night) you would think that it was! All it needs is a legititmate dance floor and it would be perfect. Actually, I take that comment back about it being free because YES you can walk in the door without forking over some dough or bein on a list but you damn sure gonna come out ya pockets for drinks...nothing is less than ten beans and forget about it if you want some food. Its a great place to people watch and sway side to side. If you really tryin to showcase your usher moves, this aint the place for you homie.

Strata-Cool setup..its like one big ass circle with two bars in the middle. I wasnt that impressed the night I went. The crowd wasnt really partying like rockstars but hey it could have just been a slow night. I know they try to break ya neck with the cover charge if you aint there by a certain time and on a guest list though ;)

Eugene's-me and my homegirl OWN this club..well not literally but shit we been there enough times..u would think we got some stock invested in it. Its a cool club to be at..the crowd gets better as the night goes on and the music is always on point. The best time to hit it up is when its a holiday or super special event. Thats when they go all out and people really party hard. Definately a hot place to go until you get sick of it...and oh yea its in a prime location. Around the corner (literally) is 40/40 so you can hit that up when your over Eugene's and if you tryin to go to a whole nother club all together, Strata is just one block down.

Supper Club-Now dont let the name fool you..this club is OFF DA CHAIN and its beautiful. Its the type of place that during the day you could throw a wedding reception at...its so cool. If you wanna just be at a nice looking spot, thats the place to be. Not to mention it was a pretty good time. China club is two spots down also.

MARS2112-Now if you wanna talk about a club with a theme to it....this place takes it to another level! You are literally partying in a outerspace cave. They to it all decorated like you on another planet, well Mars I guess, drinkin and partying in a damn cave. I wasnt too big on it but I guess if you into that futuristic sci fi stuff that would be actually cool. Me, for like the first five minutes, it was hot but after that I was done. Not to mention it feels like all the lights are on up in there so EVERYONE with a decent sense of vision can see you poppin it and doin ya thing. Also its HUGE so if your like me and want that whole "packed sweating jammin" effect to your partying, this is not the place to go...they'd have to have thousands of people in there just to make it seemed packed and oh yea you gotta wait till a certain hour before you hit the dance floor. They have everyone packed like sardines in this bootleg cave bar until that time. I guess you can say i wasnt really feelin it lol i mean it wasnt hell but it wasnt the time of my life either.

Avalon-So many people rave about this spot but the night I want wasnt that great to me. They did the same thing of having people lounge around at the bar till a certain time before they open the dance floor. I hate that frankly! I mean this is not cocktail hour at a wedding reception. I came to dance. Also the crowd like magically switches up from the lounge to the dance floor. In the lounge I was standing next to fourty year old men and woman tryin to get they groove on but in the dance floor, I was watchin hooligans make it rain on all of us woman. Actually the dancefloor was alright. Yea Id go again..who am i kidding lol

Speed- All i gotta say about this place is you will love it if you between the ages of 18-20. If you tryin to get ya grown and sexy on and you aint tryin to mingling with no youngins, then this is not the place for you.

TNY-a grown up version of speed (it has all the hooligans, good music, and still grown and sexy), definately a blast..if u wanna see dudes make it rain on ya or 300 black people doin the motorcycle to "its going down" or cristal sprayed all over this is a good place to personal fav. thus far

China club- cute and quiant...yea id do it again if i was asked has an outdoor roof so when you think ya about to die from sweat you can go outside and relax. Oh yea the crowd is kinda a toss up min. ur standin next to mike from the block next thing you know a diplomat is shakin they ass to "so krispy" next to you


Deko Lounge-This spot WAS cool back in the day when I didnt know too much about it. It was a smaller crowd unless something was poppin and you could just dance and have a good time. There were two levels and originally, when it was cool something paradise, the bottom level was where all the hiphop and stuff was but now its on both. Sometimes they switch it up and just have reggae at the bottom. Its a little cool spot but after going there a bunch of times you get over it.

Abyss-All I gotta say is you gotta go on a good night when something is actually poppin otherwise forget about it. You will either be up in there with like two other people OR you will be lost in techno heaven. I have been there enough times to know when it is gonna be hot or not. They do try to bug out on the price though so be on time. No cp unless you tryin to pay city prices to get up into a small jersey club.

Well all in all these are the clubs that I can at least remember...ive gone to a gang of bars too and a few clubs in MIA and Philly (yea i get around) but hope that helps and informs. Hit me up if you got a few spots that you wanna offer a review to..later

Welcome Back

I have officially resurrected people!! I know all my loyal readers out there (haha) wondered what in the world happened to me. Well to put it simply, I was working. If I wasnt teaching little kids to write the letter p then I am teaching eighth graders how to multiply precents. Im on my education grind! But now that I am back to my gig from the past, ol library, I figure I get back into the groove of things. Keep a look out for my thoughts!!! Im back!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

How was your '06, how was mine?

So this is it folks..a new year is about to come around. I must say that this one is the best one so far that I can remember. Lets take a walk down memory lane, shall I knew my year was gonna be great starting from last new year, me and my other half had so much fun bringing in the new year, it was my first time not laying in bed watching the ball drop and wondering why i am not out somewhere having a blast. So that moment alone, with him AND out of the house lead me to believe that 2006 was gonna be great, besides it had to be since 2005 was sooo im still tryin to forget about it. Anyway throughout the year it got even better, i had such a great time on my birthday...a few of my closest came together and we shook our ass and drank like none other in some club in ny. Everyone i wanted to come actually made it and i completely enjoyed every second...moving on, i was in the midst of almost finishing teaching classes so i was elated by that and also I was realizing that i just might make a great teacher ;) Then came summer..WOW!! Thats all i gotta say about that and if you wanna know why, u better back track to my summer blog nah mean lol anywhooo the fall came around, i was waist deep in lil kids, the hood, and teaching. I fell inlove with all my kids and really started to picture myself in my future career. Meanwhile, i became closer than ever with the man i luv with all my heart (i kno all mushy lol but its true) and it was good times in general with all my friends and fam. I finished school. Recieving my certification has definately become the no. one accomplishment that I thought I would never complete. Im proud of my self damnit lol and but of course there were some bad times here and there but no major life altering drama or endless sadness. My grandmother did pass (tear) but she was 95 and had a good life. We should all be so lucky to live that long happily. Overall, my family stayed healthy safe and happy, my friends still remained friends for the most part, my relationship positively grew and more happy memories were created, and I grew stronger as a person...gained more wisdom...and learned more about life. I know it only gets better from here. The goals for 2007 is get a great job, move out, and start a new chapter in my life...i know i can do it, whata you think? ;)

How was your '06?...share or dont...just make sure to reflect, its good for u ;)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Public Service Announcement: Jay-z

Its Finally that time...yup!! Im bout to lay a public service announcement on you that is most neccessary. It has to do with the state of music and how we are finally gonna get a real upgrade come this tuesday.
Hova!! Hova!!! Hova!!! you hear the people, I know i do. They may not be outloud but you best believe we all yelling it in some way or another. My man is back and you better believe that the Kingdom has finally come.
Its about time..yup the savior of the state of rap/hiphop is here!!! yea i said it cause you all know its true...Hovi's here!! This tuesday we are gonna get a nice refreshing taste of what real music is again because lately the definition has gotten all jacked up. He's out of retirement and its a good thing cause if i hear one more song like "walk it out" or "chicken noodle soup" ima seriously have to start reconsidering my music choose. Im excited and you should MOST definately be too cause that dude is gonna hit u with some hot lyrics, hot songs, and yes yes hot music. You best believe the min. I get out of the teaching gig tuesday, ill be right up in best buy gettin my REAL copy, no bootlegs here and ima blast it and talk about it till everyone around me is sick of it. I cant wait, its like one big would think that it was my album coming out. lol Good music is always a breath of fresh air and i kno all ive been getting is fog and pollution lately. Im not hating cause there has def. been some hits that i have been feeling but theres a big difference between hits and a classic and thats what we about to get this tuesday...a straight classic. And yea i can see all you haters or "too afraid to admit" suckin ya teeth sayin to yourself that im just talkin junk but whatever cause i hear loud and clear my true jigga fans that are reading this, noddin their heads, and throwin up they ROC signs. Its about to be on tuesday and i cant wait!!!

excited and you know it...drop a comment ;)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Teach Girl Teach!!

So i throughly enjoyed my week away from my bad ass students...yea they crazy but i love them. Student teaching will approximately be over in three weeks and change..i cant believe that i am actually accomplishing it. It is definately something that when I started last year i thought i would never get done. Being graded on my lessons, handling student behavior, tryin not to strangle these kids sometimes, bein a TEACHER...never thought i would be able to do it but look folks i am. Come this time next month, ill be on my job grind and gettin my first real teaching gig. It just finally proves to me the saying about being whatever u wanna be if u put ya mind to it. It still weirds me out but im sure ill get used it like everything else. Right now i am racking my brain tryin to think of a fun, interesting, yet informative lesson about money cause my kids are a lil iffy when it comes to it. You would think everybody would be nice with they money skills right but then again how much money do u really have when ur 8....well u gotta start somewhere and if anyone got any cool ideas holla at a sista. Well I just wanted to update you all out there plus my other half keeps tellin me how im ignoring my blog and better get it together lol seeeee update. Anyway i strive for quality like i always say so i decided to have the lil heart to heart to let u know why i am so blatantly ignoring all of you blog fans out there and i kno u all are out there. Even you all who secretly read it cause u cant get enuff of me lol i understand, i cant get enuff of me either ;) So holla at me, leave me a note of encouragement, or curse me out for not sayin a word for a couple weeks now..whatever the case, i luv it and its all good...


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cutting Coupons...Summer Fun

So while i was cutting coupons today at work (YES cutting coupons, im not ballin yet)...I just rememebered that i told none of you about my summer. I mean i planned too, it was like half of the reason i had all the fun lol just kidding but i did plan to, right in sept. when school started but then i got into my student teachin grind and well forgot. So here it is like a month and some change later, but yup i had a GREAT summer. I laughed, i partied, and i drank my heart out. I def. hit up the clubs this summer in nyc( 40/40, strata, eugene's, some hood club in philly) and reconnected with some ol buddies. I cannot forget the night i got drunk off my ass with my homegirl arabella after she got this guy who was not only rich but loved her to buy us a 200 dollar bottle of bacardi. He was ballin so much on her, i was about to ask him to buy us a meal while we up in there but it wasnt needed cause i was too busy sippin on at least more than a couple glasses of bacardi and coke. I had a blast and they had a blast seein me shake to crazy inlove like i had no sense. The next day i did the regular drunken promise of never drinking again cause i felt like hell but it was all in good fun. I helped celebrate a billion birthdays this summer it felt like. If i wasnt runnin around the city for my sister's bday, i was enjoyin a bbq for my homegirl S. dot's bday. That food was damn good i must say also. I got to spend a bunch of quality time with my one and only. :) Him and I definately established a new relationship with henni and orange juice. Its my official second fav. drink now right after cranberry and vodka. Damn I feel like an alchy talkin about all this liquor but i did have some liquor free fun too. My sister and i enjoyed the best lobster of my life one evening at charlie brown's and got a lil closer. (aww the sisterly love) Racey and i def. had a bunch of heart to heart summer evening talks on his "at the park" but not at the park bench outside his house. He whooped my ass in old school mario and i bowed down and admitted he finally did have skills. My lil brother and I lived it up at great closer to him as well. I even hit up a museum, did the ol' school movie routin with jujubee, tried Tai food for the first time, and went to philly with my bestbud SK, my sister, and her personal pain in the ass bf. It was great and I accomplished my goal-have the best summer yet. The tired mornings and "what time did u get home last night?!!" questioning was all worth it. Now that im on my daily grind, I can just think back to those times and be like well i lived it up this summer so its all good. Hopefully it will be even better this summer nah mean.

I hope yours were all just as just remember that great weather, good food, and fun times when your wakin up at 6am and its cold and you wish you won the lottery, I kno i do...

how many months till summer? lol anyway, ill holla

lata :)